Home Insurance Tips that may reduce your premium

Home Insurance Tips that may reduce your premium

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Each year many consumers decide to shop around in pursuit of the most competitive Home Insurance deal on the market. However, it is extremely important to be as informed as possible when it comes to taking out or renewing your Home Insurance policy.

Below is a list of ways that you can save money on your home insurance:
1. Reviewing your policy each year.

When your renewal arrives, you should always check the details of your cover.  Circumstances such as the value of your contents and rebuild value may vary year-on-year. Always keep your details up to date and accurate, this will help you to avail of the most appropriate quote for your current situation.

2. Avoid over-insuring your property.

Trying to figure out the amount to insure your property for can be confusing. Many people often insure their home for its market value or the price you paid when you purchased the property.

However, you should only insure the current rebuilding cost of the property as the land will not need to be acquired again should you sustain a loss. The Society of Chartered Surveyors is a useful website to help estimate the rebuild value of your home.

3. The value of your contents. 

If you over-value your contents you may end up paying a higher premium than you need to. Therefore, in the event of a claim, your insurer will only pay out what they perceive to be the value of the contents insured. It is also important not to undervalue your contents, as similarly any claim made could be reduced in proportion to the level you underinsured your contents for.

4. Securing your home.

Installing a monitored home alarm will have a positive impact on your home insurance. It is widely known that many insurance companies provide a discount when a monitored alarm is professionally installed.

5. Increasing your voluntary excess.

An excess is a sum of money that you will have to pay if you make a claim. While your home insurance provider will cover the remaining amount. Opting to pay a higher excess can help reduce your Home Insurance premiums.

6. Discounts for having multiple policies with the same insurer.

Many home insurance providers will offer a discount if you have other insurance policies with them.

7. Paying your home insurance in full.

If you are in a position to do so, you should always pay your house insurance in full instead of by monthly instalments. This will reduce costs as many insurers add interest to monthly payments.

8. Look at various alternatives for gadget insurance.

Many people add their mobile phones and laptops to their home insurance. However, when you take into consideration the excess you will have to pay, it is not always worth adding the gadget to your policy.

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