Status Yellow Snow-Ice Warning: Prepare Your Home !

Status Yellow Snow-Ice Warning: Prepare Your Home !

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House InsuranceMet Éireann have issued a yellow status weather warning of snow, sleet and widespread frost. This warning is in place from Tuesday at 6am until Saturday at 6pm.

Over 10,000 households and businesses across the country were left without electricity over the weekend as a result of strong winds and rain. Conditions are set to worsen as temperatures will drop as low as -3C.

Fortunately, we don’t see too many heavy snow showers here in Ireland. However, we are occasionally hit with some heavy snow storms and wintry conditions that can cause a lot of damage to ours homes.

It is important to know how to prepare your house for potential hazards in the snowy/frosty days ahead.

Insulate Pipes:

You must ensure that your water pipes and water tanks are properly insulated. Turn on your taps and heating regularly to keep the flow of water running. This will also reduce the chances of any pipes bursting.


If it is good enough to keep the roads clear, then it is good enough for your driveway and footpath. Make sure you stock up on extra salt before the snow arrives. This will reduce the chances of you or your family having a nasty fall outside of your home.

Keep Your Pets Safe:

Pets should not be outside in the cold in such terrible conditions. You need to secure your animals in a well-insulated shed/house.

Animals can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite too, so please take care of our furry little friends.


There is an increased possibility of rodents wanting to enter a warm home for food and shelter. You can prevent an infestation by blocking all openings to your home.

Stock Up On Supplies:

It might be hard to access shops during periods of heavy snow. Therefore, stock up on basic supplies such as water, food, batteries and candles in the lead up to a snow storm.

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