House Insurance policies are designed to protect your most valuable asset against loss or physical damage.

Murray & Spelman compare insurers to find the most competitive rate available on the market because we understand how important it is to safeguard your home against the unexpected.

>Type of properties we cover:

 Your Private Dwelling House / Main Residence

Rental Properties

Holiday Homes

Unoccupied Properties

Guest Houses / Bed and Breakfasts

Thatched Properties

Properties in the course of construction

Properties in the course of renovation

Mobile Homes

>Typical House Insurance exposures we can cover:

Damage caused by:

Fire, explosion, lightning, or earthquake

Flooding, storm and subsidence (the ground moving underneath the building), with some restrictions

Riot, vandalism, or other violent acts

Burglary or attempted burglary that results in damage to your home or its fixtures and fittings

Water or oil escaping from a fixed appliance in your home such as burst pipes or a burst water tank

Vehicles or animals damaging buildings, walls, gates or fences

Falling trees and branches.

Food that has spoiled in a fridge or freezer because of a power failure or the fridge or freezer breaking down.

Cash, stolen from your home, up to a certain limit.

The policy may also cover money spent on debit or credit cards stolen from your home.

To discuss your home and its House Insurance requirements, please contact any member of our Household specialist team

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