Parent Planning: 5 Things You Need To Do Before Your Baby Arrives

Parent Planning: 5 Things You Need To Do Before Your Baby Arrives

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Congratulations, you have a precious baby on the way. However, it might feel a bit overwhelming at times with all of the other things that need to get done before your child arrives. Here is a list of 5 important tasks that you may need to check before your bundle of joy arrives.

1. Look At Your Health Insurance Coverage

To help avoid surprise medical bills, check out your health insurance policy. Ask about your policy excess (the amount of money you pay towards a claim) and any coverage limits (the maximum amount of money your insurance company will pay you for a covered claim). After your baby is born, you will need also to add him or her to your medical plan and select a pediatrician.

2. Review Your Employer’s Parental Leave Policy

Start making a parental leave plan. If your company does not have a policy, you need to understand the type of leave you are entitled to. Take a look at the citizen’s information website for more details.

3. Budget for necessary baby items

Having a baby will likely bring on some new expenses, so don’t overlook setting a budget for any necessary items. Some of the larger purchases might include; a cot, car seat, pram, baby monitor, or changing table. There are also day-to-day expenses such as diapers, formula or baby food, clothing, toys, and child care. You should keep in mind that family and friends commonly purchase gifts for expectant parents. Therefore, you may want to focus on the larger items and worry about the little things at a later stage.

4. Make Time For You and Your Partner

While much of the focus will be on your baby’s arrival, don’t forget to make some quality time for yourself and your partner. Perhaps you might like to take a “babymoon” before your little one arrives. However, make sure that you get your doctor’s approval to travel first.

5. Childproof Your Home

Some parents wait to childproof their home for when their baby can crawl or walk, but it may not be a bad idea to get ahead of this before the baby arrives. Keep all hazardous items out of reach. Remember, even though you can make areas of your home safer, it’s still very important to keep a close eye on your child at all times.

We hope that you enjoy this special time together. In the meantime, if you need our assistance with your Home or Motor Insurance policies, we would be delighted to quote you.

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