October 13, 2017
Halloween Galway Kildare

Halloween Thrills: 10 Haunted Places to visit in Ireland!

In Ireland there is always someone telling you a spooky story or two, whether they are true or not. We all love a good haunted location for Halloween and Ireland has a heap of haunted destinations that are supposedly guaranteed to make the hairs stand on the back of your neck.
October 10, 2017
budget 2018

Budget 2018 Summary

Those set to benefit from this years budget are primarily the unemployed, disabled, pensioners and lone parents.
October 10, 2017
CNA Hardy Insurance

Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance- CNA at a glance!

We are delighted to welcome CNA Hardy as yet another highly reputable option for our clients. The 1st of December is fast approaching for all solicitors and in today's competitive insurance market, partnering with brokers and insurers who truly understand your firms needs is essential.
October 9, 2017
Solictor Professional Indemnity insurance

5 tips when renewing your Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance

Collect Information in advance: Firms should prepare well in advance of their renewal date to ensure that all relevant information has been disclosed to the Insurer. Request copies of your claims history from current insurers so it leaves you with time to shop around.
October 6, 2017
Income Protection

Check out our short Income Protection Video!

Income protection¬†provides a replacement income if you cannot work due to an accident, illness or disability after a certain period of time. Check out our short […]