Most Dateable Jobs According to Tinder

Most Dateable Jobs According to Tinder

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We all know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you have a partner or not, you will certainly hear all about it on social media etc. We decided to take a look at some Tinder insights to help you guys out.

The latest figures from Ipsos MRBI showed that 200,000 people in Ireland have a Tinder account and over 50,000 Irish use the app every single day.

Tinder carried out a recent study in 2018 which looked at the top 15 professions that get the most right swipes for men and women.

Obviously, none of us are applying to particular jobs in the hopes of getting plenty of right swipes on Tinder. However, that being said, certain jobs do tend to get more swipes right than others.

So, let’s take a look and see if your job made the list.


The Most Swiped Right Jobs Associated with Women are:
  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Dentist
  3. Photographer
  4. College / Graduate Student
  5. Pharmacist
  6. Teacher
  7. Flight Attendant
  8. Founder / Entrepreneur
  9. Personal Trainer
  10. Waitress / Bartender
  11. Physical Therapist
  12. Journalist
  13. Makeup Artist
  14. Lawyer
  15. Marketing Manager
The Most Swiped Right Jobs Associated with Men are:
  1. Interior Designer
  2. Pilot
  3. Physician’s Assistant
  4. Lawyer
  5. PR / Communications
  6. Producer
  7. Visual Designer
  8. Model
  9. College / Graduate Student
  10. Engineer
  11. Veterinarian
  12. Teacher
  13. Chiropractor
  14. Firefighter / Paramedic
  15. Founder / Entrepreneur

It is important to note that this list was compiled based on the occupations of US-based Tinder profiles that have received the highest ratio of right swipes in 2018. Nevertheless, we reckon it’s somewhat relatable to this side of the Atlantic.

Of course, before you question your career and life choices, these findings could say more about Tinder’s user base than anything else. After all, “college student” isn’t exactly a lucrative career, but it is more likely the result of Tinder being a popular app among college-aged singletons.

It is also worth noting that other professions on the list typically have a good salary. While you can’t understand someone’s financial situation from their job alone, you can generally expect a lawyer to be more financially stable than a college student.

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Happy Swiping and we hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day whatever you decide to do.