Halloween Thrills: 10 Haunted Places to visit in Ireland!

Halloween Thrills: 10 Haunted Places to visit in Ireland!

Halloween Galway Kildare
In Ireland there is always someone telling you a spooky story or two, whether they are true or not.

We all love a good haunted location for Halloween and Ireland has a heap of haunted destinations that are supposedly guaranteed to make the hairs stand on the back of your neck.

1Loftus Hall, Co.Wexford:
Loftus Hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman called Anne Tottenham and the devil himself. Anne was living at this house with her family in the 1700’s when apparently a handsome stranger turned up on the doorstep one stormy night.

According to hearsay, the handsome man turned out to be a demonic spirit with a cloven hoof, who later was said to disappear in a puff of smoke or flew through the roof, depending on which version of the story you believe (if any). Anne was was so traumatised by the shock of this encounter that she locked herself in the tapestry room for the rest of her life. It is believed that she still resides in this house even after her death.  Rumour also has it that an exorcism was performed by the local priest after Anne’s parents contacted him to rid the house of spirits.

Loftus House now provides guided tours of many descriptions since 2012 and there has been several reports of paranormal activity. One such visitor captured a magnificent photo that later went viral. You can judge for yourself if it is real or fake by clicking the link.

Loftus Hall 

2Hellfire Club, Dublin:

The Hellfire Club in the Dublin was a satanic “club” whose members dressed as Satan, drank whiskey and butter from a caldron and may have eaten a servant girl alive. It is said to be built on an ancient Stone Age burial site. According to local legend, the site was used for both human and animal sacrifices, particularly cats.

It is believed that the screams of a woman that was murdered at the club can be heard and that a huge cat spirit can be seen on occasion at the site. Many people have reported their necklaces being pulled at or broken by spirits. The devil is also said to have frequented this club before it mysteriously burned down in 1740.

Hell Fire Club

3Ballygally Castle Hotel, Co Antrim:

This hotel is apparently haunted by a lady called Isobel Shaw who fell to her death from the window of her bedroom. It is said that the husband punished her for not having a baby boy. The room is no longer used by guests in this hotel as it is said that Isobel’s ghost sometimes knocks on doors, and many guests have reported hearing phantom children laughing and playing in their rooms.

Ballygally Castle Hotel, Co Antrim

4The Abbey of the Black Hag, Co Limerick:

Here lies the remains of a medieval convent where the prioress terrified the locals using black arts and sexual practices. The area where she is buried is called Black Hag’s Cell due to the blackness of her face when she died. There have been reports of other ghosts such as the Countess of Desmond who was buried alive in the Abbey. Apparently this mistake only surfaced when her ghostly figure prompted an investigation of her grave. Her finger bones were said to be worn out and ragged from trying to claw her way out. Screams of her ghost are supposedly heard throughout the ruins.

Limerick Blag Hag

5Charles Fort, Kinsale, Co Cork:
This fort is said to be haunted by the a lady who threw herself off the walls of the fort on her wedding day when her husband (a soldier) was shot for falling asleep on duty.

Subsequently, soldiers recounted seeing a lady in white at the fort, while others told that they were being pushed down the stairs by an unseen person.

Now this lady who is commonly known as the “White Lady” is still believed to wander the walls of the ruined fort in her wedding dress.

Charles forte

6Renvyle House Hotel, Co Galway:
Yeats apparently held a séance which contacted the spirit of a red-haired teenage boy who was the son of the houses’s former owners.

In later years the building itself was destroyed and then rebuilt in the 1930’s and it is said that many female guests have reported a man appearing and looking over their shoulders as they put their makeup on while looking in the mirror.


Renvyle House Galway

7Aughrim battlefield and its Jacobite ghosts, Co Galway:
This site is said to be haunted by the Jacobite army where many people have heard screams.

The cold-blooded Williamites’ made the Jacobite army’s blood run down the hillside in thick oozing streams and the bodies of soldiers lay for more than a year until all that was left of them were bones. There is still an area in the field where blood gathered in large pools and is still known to many as The Bloody Hollow.

Aughrim battlefield and its Jacobite ghosts, Co Galway 

8Leamaneh Castle, Clare:

This castle belonged to the famous Maire Rua, whose red-haired ghost is said to still haunt the castle today. It is believed that Maire had 25 husbands that mysteriously died and after her last husband passed away, she was apparently sealed in a hollow tree left to starve and die.


9Dobbins Inn Hotel, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim:

The Dobbins Inn Hotel is apparently haunted by the ghost of the original owner’s wife. She was said to have been murdered by her husband after he discovered her affair with a soldier.

It is reported that several guests who have stayed in this hotel have been woken up by the ‘light touch of a ghostly hand caressing their faces’. Not so creepy at all…


10Leap Castle, Offaly:

Leap Castle is considered one of Europe’s most haunted buildings. The original castle is thought to have been built around 1250 AD and was used by druids for initiation ceremonies. Subsequently It was used by the O’Bannon family – secondary chieftains under the ruling O’Carroll clan – to guard the pass through the Slieve Bloom Mountains.

Among the many casualties of the O’Carroll reign, one of the best known is the O’Carroll priest, a member of the family said to have been murdered by his brother while performing the holy rites. He apparently  haunts the upper hall, now known as the Bloody Chapel. Many have reported that the windows of this hall light up without apparent explanation.

A number of other spirits are said to haunt the castle, and during renovations around 1900, workmen discovered a dungeon full of human skeletons off the Bloody Chapel. The castle has since been visited by ghost hunters and paranormal activity experts from around the world.



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