Father’s Day: 11 Gift Ideas to make him smile!

Father’s Day: 11 Gift Ideas to make him smile!

Father's Day

Father’s day is fast approaching on Sunday the 17th of June.

It’s important to think about what your dad already likes to do and build on that.

With this in mind, here are some gift ideas for all types of dads.

1. A Dad that loves Music:

If your dad is a big lover of all things music then why not purchase tickets to his favourite band, artist or tribute act. A good night out is exactly what every hard-working father needs.

2. A Dad that loves Travel:

We all know that dads are not always organised. A Travel Kit could help your dad put his everyday toiletries in a more organised manner. It would also come handy for quick travel plans.

3. A Dad that loves DIY:

Does your dad love to build things as a hobby? take a look at his tool sets and see if he is missing anything useful that would make his day.

4. A Dad that loves Style:

Take a trip to your dad’s favourite clothes shop and pick him up a nice shirt, jumper, or jeans. Your dad will be looking sharp for his next outing and he will have you to thank for it.

5. A Dad that loves Technology:

Consider a portable charger or home multi- USB hub that can charge several devices at one time.

6. A Dad that loves Food:

If your dad is into food, there may be some gadgets that he is after, sharp knives, heavy-duty stand mixer, vegetable slicer, new cookbook etc. Alternatively, you could take him to his favourite restaurant for some yummy food.

7. A Dad that loves his Garden:

Your dad may have all of the basic gardening equipment but perhaps there is something old that needs replacing or some gardening products that will prune his rose bushes nicely.

Have a sneaky look in his shed.

8. A Dad that loves Sport:

Take your dad to a match that he would be interested in or try to get him a season ticket.

Perhaps he may need a new jersey to support his favourite team.

9. A Dad that loves to Read:

There might be a new book coming out that he would like or perhaps he needs new reading glasses.

10. A Dad that loves to Golf:

Find an accessory he doesn’t have or something that needs to be refreshed. Maybe it’s a comfortable glove with a good grip — anything to improve his game.

Every golfing daddy wants to stand out on the green. Why not order some personalised, monogrammed golf balls as an additional surprise.

11. A Dad that needs Car Insurance:

No daddy loves insurance but he certainly does need it, why not check to see if his car insurance renewal falls due soon and make a contribution towards it.

You could also help your father to shop around to find the most competitive quote on the market, we can help you with this.

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