Driving Safely this Bank Holiday Weekend

Drive Safe

Drive SafeIf you are thinking about driving on the roads this Bank Holiday Weekend, please consider these safety tips.


It is important not to let your children distract you while you drive.

According to RSA, children are 12 times more distracting to a driver than a driver talking on a mobile phone. Be careful not to turn around while looking at your child in the rear seat, or while engaging in conversation with your kids.

You must also watch out for other children near the road, particularly in towns and villages. Often kids are playing games and in their excitement, they might run out onto the road without thinking. Always be prepared to slow down or stop in areas where kids are playing.

Delays in Traffic:

Plan your journey before you leave and always allow plenty of time to get there safely. There is always more traffic, cyclists and people walking on roads during a bank holiday weekend.

Farming Machinery:

Now that we finally have good weather, you can expect farmers to be putting in a lot of additional hours, particularly with baling hay, silage etc.

Be prepared for meeting agricultural vehicles on the roads and watch your speed particularly coming around bends. Only pass a farmer when it is safe to do so.


Never leave valuables in parked cars. If you need to keep anything in your vehicle while you are away from it, make sure the item is out of sight and locked securely in your boot.


This good weather is there for all of us to enjoy. While you are certainly used to looking for cars, vans, lorries, and tractors, you may not be so used to seeing motorbikes. Always be vigilant on the road for any unexpected encounters.

Car Insurance:

Make sure you have reliable car insurance, if you require advice on a Car Insurance quote, simply request a Call Back today.