10 Household items that can be dangerous for your pets

10 Household items that can be dangerous for your pets



Pet Safety

We all love our pets and want to do all we can to keep our furry little friends safe. However, did you know that various household items and even some plants in your garden may pose a hazard to your pet?

Pets often react differently to substances in human food and medicines.

Below are 10 Household items that should always be kept out of paw’s reach.
1. Medications.

It is important to remember never to give your pet any medications that are meant for people. Many medicines designed for humans are lethal to animals, even in very small doses. Always secure your medicines in a cupboard that is out of animal reach in much the same way as you would do for a child in your household.

2. Anti-Freeze.

When the weather is colder, many of us use anti-freeze on our vehicles. Unfortunately, this liquid has a sweet taste that is lethal if ingested by your animal.

3. Visible Electric Wires.

Puppies will chew on just about anything they get their paws on. Keep all electrical wires out of reach and out of sight.

4. Pesticides & Herbicides.

Make sure to keep your pets inside when using dangerous substances in your garden. Also, please try to be mindful of your neighbour’s pets. Use natural alternatives where possible.

5. Traps for pests.

These traps may be meant for rodents and insects, but your dog or cat doesn’t know that. If you are using pest traps, be certain that your pets cannot get near them.

6. Plants in your house.

Many household plants such as lilies, poinsettias, tulips, and pothos are poisonous to pets. Make sure you keep these plants out of reach from your fur balls.

7. Fertilizers.

The smell of fertilizer is especially appealing to dogs and they can’t wait to roll around in it! Unfortunately, most commercial fertilizers have pesticides, herbicides, minerals and other chemicals that harmful to pets. Always keep your animals away from fertilizer.

8.Household cleaners.

It is no surprise that household cleaners are hazardous to animals if ingested. They can even cause mild allergic reactions, skin irritations, and difficulty in breathing for certain pets.

9. Coins.

If you have one of those dogs that like to swallow everything, then make sure they do not swallow coins. The high levels of zinc, iron and other trace metals are dangerous to dogs and can cause liver and kidney failure.

10. Chocolate, Tobacco and alcohol.

This may sound like common sense but a lot of pets will try to seek out chocolate, tobacco and alcohol products. These household items can cause your pet to become dangerously ill. So take extra care to keep alcohol and cigarettes away from your pets.

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We are not vets, but we hope our tips to keep your pet safe will help your little pals to stay happy all year round. If you think your pet is looking a bit poorly, you should always seek advice from a qualified professional.

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