Cancer Cover: Be prepared for the Real Cost of Cancer!

Cancer Cover: Be prepared for the Real Cost of Cancer!

Cancer society Daffodil Day

Cancer society Daffodil Day

Sadly, there are few families in Ireland who have not been affected by Cancer. Many people believe “it’ll never happen to me” but regretfully this is not always the case.

With Daffodil Day approaching on Friday, 23 March 2018, we understand how important it is to support and raise funds for this worthy cause.

The Irish Cancer Society provides free, nationwide care services for those with, and affected by, cancer in Ireland.

It is no surprise that the challenge of managing the financial cost of a cancer journey has contributed significantly to the stress of having Cancer.

The Irish Cancer Society’s recent survey revealed that the average cost to the patient and their family going through the cancer journey is €862 per month.  That’s over €10,000 a year and the estimate is probably at the low end.  Additional home heating costs, travel to and from hospital, hospital parking charges, childcare costs, over the counter medicines, prescription drugs, physiotherapy, special medical equipment and dental care are high on the list of necessities and that’s before taking into account the loss of income that you can experience.

How can we help you? 

Our Cancer Cover Plan is designed to help you when you need it the most. Of course, we can’t help you in the way medical staff can – but we can help you financially so that you have one less thing to worry about.

If suffering from Cancer, you should only concentrate on your treatment plan and getting better.

The Cancer Cover is available to people aged between 18 & 60.

Cancer Cover costs are substantially lower than Serious Illness Cover and for as little as €3.17 per week you can obtain €100,000 Cancer Cover!!

* *premiums are based on a male or female aged 25 non smoker over a term of 25 years * *

What to do next?

Request a call back on our website today and we will schedule an appointment to discuss your Cancer Cover options.

Alternatively you can contact our Galway Office on 091 759500 or our Kildare Office on 045 888088.

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