Cyber Liability & Crime

Cyber exposures are a huge concern for all types of companies. All companies rely to some extent on computer networks and therefore, they face a degree of exposure.

We have all heard the stories about high profile brands and their data security breaches. As a result, there has been increased focus on firms due to more onerous legislation on data protection.

It is important to note that a cyber-attack is not covered under a Public/Product Liability policy which has specific electronic data exclusions. This subsequently leaves a company more susceptible to a vast array of lawsuits.

>Examples of threats to a company include:

Rogue Employee – Physical Theft / Theft of Data

Negligent Employee – Sending wrong data

Outsiders – Breach of Data / Hacktivism

Vendors – Cloud / Data Centres

Social Networking – Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn

At Murray & Spelman, your Cyber Liability policy is tailored to suit the needs of your organisation that will ensure its protection against the impact or cost that a potential breach may have for your business.

>Typical Exposures we cover:

Crisis Management and Identity Theft Response

Pay for Regulatory fines and/or penalties

Data Asset Protection

Network Business Interruption

Network Security Liability

Privacy Liability

We also offer tailored Crime Liability insurance that is designed to meet the needs of companies who are subject to potential risks.

>These policies typically provide several different types of crime coverage, such as:

Employee dishonesty

Forgery or alteration

Computer fraud

 Funds transfer fraud

Counterfeit money coverage.

To discuss your business and its Cyber Liability or Crime Cover requirements, please contact any member of our commercial team.

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