6 Things to consider before renovating your home

6 Things to consider before renovating your home

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If you are looking to update your kitchen or redesign your living room into a trendy new chilling space, then here are some steps before you start your home renovation process.

1. Evaluate What You Want From Your Renovation.

You need to decide from the outset how you want each room to look. Sometimes people seek assistance from an interior designer or decorator to help move the process along. It is important to consider the massive difference in terms of time, effort and cost when deciding between remodeling your home cosmetically or structurally.

For example, remodeling a room in its existing configuration is a lot easier than relocating water pipes and moving walls. If you choose to avoid structural changes to your home it can help make the remodel more simple and less expensive. Try to consider what you could do with your existing layout, and see if you can potentially save some money before you commit to a full restructure of any room in your home.

2. Do Your Research.

If you haven’t fully decided on the style and materials you wish to use in your home, take a look at home improvement shops, browse magazines and blogs for ideas and if necessary, seek professional help.

Keep pictures of rooms, objects, and colours that you may like, and then imagine these items in your home. Be careful with online shopping as sometimes colours can vary in a photo versus reality.

If you do not know which colour to use in your room, consider using white. This colour is timeless and can not only brighten up your room but also make it look bigger. Using white also leaves you with more options when it comes to your furniture, ornaments, and appliances etc.

3. Know When To Seek Out a Professional.

If you’re planning a DIY renovation, contact your local council to learn about any relevant regulations that might be in place.

For a big job in your home that involves restructuring, you will need to consult experienced builders and qualified building inspectors.

A builder should be able to guide you through the council process in relation to the planning and building approvals that are in place. Make sure that you view examples of your builder’s previous work to ensure they meet the structural styles that you have in mind.

You also must determine what kind of work on your home that you feel comfortable doing yourself.

For example, you may feel happy to paint the property yourself or you may like to hire a painter/decorator to complete this process for you. Either way it is entirely up to you, but it is important to think about it.

4. Set a Realistic Budget.

When you finally decide what renovation approach you wish to take, start getting quotes from contractors etc. You will also need to budget for the materials you will be using as part of your DIY process. It is extremely important to allow for an extra 10-15% on your existing budget to cater for unforeseen expenses or circumstances. Don’t underestimate your costs as you don’t want to be left with a hefty bill that you can’t pay.

5. Where will you stay if your restructuring interferes with your living arrangements?

Finally… Don’t overlook how or where you will live during the remodeling period. Will you stay in your home or will you make other living arrangements?

These are important questions to ask yourself especially if you have kids, pets, etc. to consider.

This may all sound like more stress than it’s worth, but when the project is completed, you will be over the moon. You can do this, we know you can!!

6. Home Insurance.

It is extremely important to inform your insurance provider about any renovations to your home. Especially if you will not be living on your premises during the course of construction. If you require any advice on your home insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is also imperative to notify your insurer when construction is complete and make any necessary adjustment to your rebuild value. This will ensure that your home insurance is accurate in the event of a claim.

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