5 Tips to ensure you keep your New Year’s Fitness goals for 2018

5 Tips to ensure you keep your New Year’s Fitness goals for 2018

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Fitness GoalsMost of us are back to work now and the January blues have well and truly kicked in, so maybe it is time to start focusing on those New Year’s resolutions. Many people decide to begin a fitness program, which often gets abandoned a few weeks after starting it. However, there is a way to increase your chances for long-term success, such as:

1. Determining Your Willingness to commit

If you are hoping to stick to your fitness goals, you need to make sure you’re both physically and mentally ready for it. Think about how likely you are to stick with an exercise program once you begin.

Consider factors such as:

  • Have confidence in your exercise ability to succeed, if not then you need to start believing in yourself or you will inevitably give up.
  • Ask for encouragement and support from your friends and family, this will go a long way on the road to achieving your fitness goals.
  • Join a fitness class, this can help you to get motivated. Examples would be Fit and Jump, Spin, Boxercise, Circuit Training etc.
2. Make a Plan

You need to make time for your exercise. For example: when will you exercise? Identify the days and times that are convenient for you and stick with those days so you are working out at the same time each week. Determine what kind of exercise you will do and make sure it is one that you will enjoy. Do not compare yourself to anyone else, go at a pace that is right for you. There is a lot of exercises you can start with like walking, cycling, running, swimming, weight training, sport etc. Start with at least 10 minutes per session and slowly build up to 30 minutes per workout to get you used to working out again.

3. Exercise with a Friend

One of your friends may share the same New Year’s fitness resolution as you and you can begin this journey together. Many fitness experts say that it increases your chances for success and it makes the process more fun. For this to work, you have to find an exercise that both of you enjoy. You can provide each other with a support system and a positive social experience. There will be many times when you don’t feel like working out, especially after a long day’s work and an exercise partner can be just the motivation you need to get going.

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Think of your resolution as a lifelong commitment to a healthier lifestyle. You are much more likely to be successful if you take it easy at the beginning. Many people have been exercising for years so they will naturally workout at a higher intensity but if you are just starting out, you need to build up to harder exercise routines. Three days of low to moderate intensity workouts is a great place to start.

5. Be Realistic

Set achievable goals. There is no point saying you will lose a stone in a week because it is an extreme target that is unrealistic. For example, a goal to lose 12 lbs by Easter is both reasonable and achievable and once you accomplish this result you set your next target. Take a close look at your current lifestyle and try keeping a food diary. In order to lose weight, you will need to consume fewer calories than you burn. The exact number will depend on your current weight and activity level, but generally, people should aim to cut 250 to 1,000 calories from their diet per day in order to lose a healthy 0.5 to 2 lbs. per week.

Please note that we are not nutritionists or personal trainers, but many of our team members in Murray & Spelman have been down this road before and we would like to share our experiences with you to help you live a healthier and happier life.

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