3 Ways You Can Improve Your Finances in April

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Finances in April



Spring is in full swing and with it brings longer days, increased temperatures and a whole lot of weddings, holidays and events for you to spend money on.

While we love to see the dark nights and cold wintery days disappear, it’s still important to carve out a bit of time for your finances.

1. Get out and about:

What will you do with your longer days now that the clocks have gone forward?

Why not boost your productivity and stop wondering where your day went. Go for a walk in the evenings and try to ditch the urges for a takeaway splurge… this will not only help your finances, but it will also help keep that summer body in shape.

2. Prepare yourself for wedding season:

If you have seen a lot of engagement rings on your social media over the last year, this means you may have a lot of weddings coming up. Gifts, outfits, hotels and travel can be expensive. Therefore, you may need to make a few sacrifices to stay on top of your budget. Try wearing outfits you have worn to previous weddings to curtail extra expense.

3. Save for the Future:
You will need a lot of finance to maintain your lifestyle in later years. A good retirement fund is a lifesaver. Therefore, it is good to start saving for retirement funds early. If you haven’t started saving yet, speak to a financial advisor who can steer you in the right direction. Murray & Spelman (Financial Services) Ltd will happily discuss your options to help you choose the most appropriate plan. We specialise in areas such as Life & Serious Illness Cover, Mortgages, Mortgage Protection, Income Protection, Inheritance Planning, Pension & Retirement Planning, and Investments & Savings.

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