3 ways to stand out during an interview process?

3 ways to stand out during an interview process?

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If you have job interviews coming up, chances are the company is going to be talking to a lot of people. Therefore, you need to be able to stand out and separate yourself from everyone else.

The main difference between candidates who are above average in an interview and those that are exceptional, is their confidence. This coupled with their goals along with their ability to deliver their answers makes for an attractive prospect.

So, how can you stand out from the crowd?

1. Know more about the company than anyone else:

You must know the company’s mission statement, target market, and a bit about the history of the company.

Typically the interviewer will ask you what you know about the business. If you can’t answer this question, then you will look like someone that doesn’t care too much about whether you get the job or not.

Make sure to research the company’s website and show determination and self-awareness throughout the interview process, because this can be the skill that gets you the job.

2. Build a conversation:

Try not to wait until the end to ask questions, mix them into the conversation.

For example, if you were asked: “What made you apply for this job?”, you could say; “I’m interested in the financial services industry, and customer service is what I do best. Being a liaison between clients and insurance carriers has given me the ability to effectively communicate with insurance novices and professionals alike. I can gain an understanding of a client that allows me to develop an accurate risk profile. From there, I use my knowledge of insurance providers’ risk appetites to negotiate a customised product for the client. I’m really excited about the prospect of working with your company. One thing I noticed when reading about Murray & Spelman is that you seem to emphasise excellence and innovation as some of your key commitments, more so than most of your competitors, can you share why that is?”

There are various questions that you can work into your answers such as asking about current challenges, why they’re looking to hire someone, what direction the company is headed in etc.

3. Showcase your entrepreneurial flair:

Give examples of times when you acted independently. Discuss your career and personal achievements. Practice improving your communication skills because listening and understanding is vital in any position. Be articulate and demonstrate emotional awareness especially if you’re applying for a team leader position. Preparation is essential and you should always know your strengths and limitations.

In today’s job market, it’s crucial to set yourself apart because companies are interviewing so many people for each position. Make sure you’re always doing something different to other candidates in order to stand out in your interviews.

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