11 Westlife Songs To Get You Excited For Croke Park!

11 Westlife Songs To Get You Excited For Croke Park!

Since 1999, Westlife have been answering the needs of their fans all over the world with a fantastic playlist for any journey. Westlife announced their comeback tour in October 2018, they sadly split in 2011 after 14 years together and 26 top 10 hit singles. However, in the last year they have been pulling out all the stops to wow their loyal followers.

From new hits and numerous concert dates to even getting Ed Sheeran to co write music with them.

Therefore, ahead of their sold-out gigs in Croke Park, we decided to take a look at some of Westlife’s catchiest tunes to get us in the mood for the weekend.

1. World of Our Own:

2. Uptown Girl:

3. When You’re Looking Like That:

4. Hello My Love:
5. Fool Again:

6. If I Let You Go:

7. Queen of My Heart:

8. You Raise Me Up:

9. Flying Without Wings:

10. What Makes a Man:

11. Swear It Again:

What has Westlife got to do with Insurance and Finance?

Absolutely nothing, but we are here to serve your Insurance and Finance needs whenever you need assistance. In the meantime we will enjoy the Westlife buzz and look forward to hearing from you in the near future about any of our services. We hope you have a safe journey to Croke Park and have a great weekend.