Shortage of Cyber Security Workers in Ireland

Shortage of Cyber Security Workers in Ireland

According to research conducted by, the skills gap for cyber security in Ireland has decreased by almost 20% in the last year.Computer

Furthermore, Irish businesses are struggling to recruit an adequate number of cyber security professionals, with demand exceeding supply by two to one.

Indeed’s researchers found the greatest skills gap was within network security, with a difference of almost 23%.

>Additionally, the roles that ranked highest in employer demand were as follows:

 Cyber Security



Cyber Security Consultants

When comparing the first quarter of 2016 against the same period in 2017, the amount of cyber security positions available rose by 35%.

However, also highlighted that the share of candidate clicks rose by 60%.

“From May’s global ransomware attack to data breaches at major corporations and even the US presidential election campaign, cybercrime has frequently hogged the headlines,” said Mariano Mamertino, economist at the global job site.

“As a result, cybersecurity has been thrust centre stage and an increasing number of people are considering it as a career. The jump in interest from candidates is offering some relief to the thousands of Irish businesses struggling to find people with the skills and experience they need to keep cybercriminals at bay. But while the skills gap has narrowed, demand from recruiters is still almost double the supply of candidates, forcing many at risk companies to offer increasingly attractive packages to woo the talent they need to protect one of their most precious assets, data.”