September 7, 2017
Gooch Testimonial Dinner

Colm ‘GOOCH’ Cooper Testimonial Dinner

Kerry legend Colm ‘Gooch’ Cooper is to be honoured with an historic first ever testimonial dinner for a GAA player at the Intercontinental Hotel in Ballsbridge, […]
September 4, 2017
galway gaa blog

Galway Homecoming and Pictures collage

Galway's All-Ireland senior and minor hurling champions will return home today and we have no doubt that they will receive a welcomed and exciting response.
August 30, 2017
Office Bake off

The Great Office Bake Off

People may not like to admit how much they love to win a competition, especially when they’re up against their work colleagues. There is a lot of talk lately about the Great British Bake Off. We decided to give all you office bakers the edge by providing some tips to help you bake your way to victory in the office kitchen.
August 30, 2017

Save on your Mortgage: What’s on offer at the moment?

Murray & Spelman (Financial Services) are keen to see that you can afford to take on a mortgage and still have enough money left each month to enjoy your new home.
August 25, 2017
Life Insurance

E-Cigarettes and Discounts on Life Insurance

All insurers ask about tobacco use and whether you’re a smoker or non-smoker, but what happens if you use e-cigarettes which are not tobacco products? Are you classified as a non-smoker or a smoker?